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Johnnie Walker Blue Label $25

The pinnacle whiskey of The House of Walker and the epitome of blending know around the world. This is obtained by blending the most rare casks, hand selected and set aside for that signature smokiness. A line of maturing stock unbroken since the late 1800s earns this top pick 100 out of 100 points.

The Balvenie 14 $13

This single malt blend is from the region of Speyside and the legendary water source of Robbie Duhn. Matured for 14 years in oak casks it is finally transferred to Caribbean Rum casks to finish the maturation. Notes of golden raisin, marshmallow and white port wine give this blend a fruity yet superb balance and a 91 out of 100 rating.

Top Shelf Bourbons

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Spokane’s Dry Fly Distillery $8

We carry all 3 selections from Dry Fly, bourbon, gin and vodka. Crafted and hand bottled right here in Spokane, Washington next to the Gonzaga University Campus, Dry Fly Bourbon is a 7-time gold medal winner with 94 out of 100 rating. With a farm to the bottle approach this 100% wheat spirit has hints of scones, cinnamon toast and white pepper. Go Local!

Maker’s Mark 46 $8

Another recent newcomer to the industry this is for all of you Makers fans out there. After 122 failed experiments the Maker’s Mark Distillery came up with the perfect bourbon. Taking fully matured Maker’s Mark bourbon aged 6 years and inserting caramelized French oak staves into the cask to return to aging for another 6-7 months. These staves have caramelized wood sugars that lend a robust and complex vanilla and caramel flavor to the bourbon, all reducing bitterness in the product. We love this selection!

Buck Bourbon $8

Buck Bourbon is a very recent newcomer to the bourbon world. Aged for 8 years the spirit has aromas of charred Oakwood and sweet vanilla cream. Somewhat complex in its flavors we can pick up on golden raisin, honeyed pecan, toasted oatmeal and even cornbread. A great introduction to bourbon.

Bulleit Bourbon $8 and Bulleit Rye $10

Distilled in small batches with rye, corn, barley and special strains of yeast the Bulleit Bourbons win 4 out of 5 stars, a gold medal and a double gold for the rye. The Rye spirit is produced from 95% rye and has a spicy and complex flavor with a smooth finish. The Bulleit Bourbon spirit is incredibly versatile whether in a Manhattan or on the rocks.

Ultra Top Shelf Bourbons & Whiskeys

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Angels Envy $11

This bourbon is fairly new to the industry, with its 6-year age and beautiful golden amber appearance. Angels bourbon is hand blended in small batches of 8 to 10 barrels at a time. Finished in Ruby Port Wine Casks from Portugal it lends itself to flavors of caramel, vanilla and chocolates with a slightly smoky undertone.

Angels Envy Rye $11

The Angels Envy Rye is also aged for over 6 years but has a range of different characteristics in comparison with the Angel Envy Bourbon. Finished in Caribbean rum casks for 18 months this rye bourbon has a raw, spicy and earth taste with a smooth finish. The selection packs a punch at 100 proof yet you wouldn’t know it with aromas of caramel candy, citrus and maple sugar. An excellent choice for any occasion.

Blanton’s $10

A single barrel bourbon that was first introduced in 1984 bottled by hand still to this day the Kentucky way! Known not only for its incredible bourbon the Blanton’s bottle and stopper are known around the world for their unique characteristics, depicting a horse and jockey in 8 different strides. The bourbon is hand selected form H shaped warehouses and only from the middle of the warehouse. Double Gold Medal winning 3 years in a row Blanton’s has notes of nuts, caramel, orange and light chocolate.

Jameson Black Barrel Reserve $11

This special limited edition from Jameson is hand crafted from 2 types of whiskeys. The first, a blend of malted and un-malted barley whiskey in small pot stills and aged in sherry casks is blended with rare small batch grain whiskey matured in deep-charred American bourbon barrels. The final spirit is fantastically smooth with flavors of almond, toasted wood and peppery spice.

Bulleit Bourbon 10-year $11

Aged 10 years from the Bulleit Family Line of Spirits, this bourbon comes from the production of small batches in charred American Oak barrels. Winning 4 out of 5 stars at the World Spirits Competition and given a 97 out of 100 from the Spirit Journal this bourbon has won its place as an Ultra Top Shelf Spirit.

1910 Pendleton Rye $8

Distilled in Canada and in the tradition of the 101-year Pendleton Rodeo and the oldest distiller in the Pacific Northwest, 1910 rye spirit is aged for 12 years and is distilled using 100% rye which gives the whiskey a light spice with a bit of sweetness. Aromas of oak, black pepper and tobacco come through, a perfect end to a stressful day.

Top Shelf Scotch

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Johnnie Walker Red Label $8

The single most recognizable blend in the world today. Introduced in 1909 the intense, spicy and often edgy flavors earn this 100-year-old libation a 90 out of 100.

Johnnie Walker Black Label $9

This blend from the Walker House was once called “Old Highland Whiskey”, in 1909 the Black Label was born. Aged for over a decade under the care of master blenders this blend is fantastic with ginger ale, soda water or sparkling.

Macallan 12 $11

From the famously small stills of Scotland comes a triple cask matured highland single malt. Flavors of sweat cream, vanilla and apple blossom. Aged in sherry casks from Spain and earning 95 out of 100 points this is one of our most popular top shelf single malts.

The Glenlivet $8

The Speyside single malt whisky that started it all. Written about by Charles Dickens this smooth single malt whisky is served in all the far reaches of the world. Aged 12 years the whisky takes on notes of cream, marzipan, fresh hazelnuts and pineapple in American Oak barrels.